David Zinger’s “Zengage”

Zengage Cover Launch

Congratulations and happy birthday to my friend David Zinger, founder of the
Employee Engagement Network. David’s book entitled Zengage is off to a great start and he’s already donating profits of $2,160 to flood relief and a women’s shelter.  Here’s what I wrote earlier about the book:

“From the heart, mind and soul of David Zinger, a man in the midst of the employee engagement movement, comes a set of reflections on the many facets of employee engagement.  With each page, David unwraps a single thought, a tile, if you will, and places it before us.  Taking time to reflect on each thought and how it applies to one’s life, produces a complex yet simple and elegant mosaic of greater insight, self awareness and balance.  By the end, Zengage prepares readers to move forward in a healthier, more centered and productive state.”

Check out Zengage at this link.

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