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Michael Stallard
E Pluribus Partners, LLC
104 Brookside Drive
Greenwich, CT 06831
203-422-6511 office
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SmartBrief on Leadership
Archive of Michael’s articles for SmartBrief

Government Executive
Archive of Michael’s articles for Government Executive

Archive of Michael’s articles for Execunet

SHRM All Things Work Podcast
Michael and Katie Stallard on Maintaining Connection While Working Remotely

WCBS Radio New York City

Creating a Connection Culture at Work

Leader to Leader
Strengthening Human Value in Organizational Cultures
To Boost Performance, Connect with the Core
What Every Leader Should Know About Stress
4 Ways Love can Help Grow Your Business
How Redskins Quarterback Kirk Cousins Developed Resilience to Excel
Archive of Michael’s articles for Entrepreneur

Jim Blasingame Small Business Advocate Radio
Archive of Michael’s interviews

Fast Company
What the Hottest Word of the Year Means for Your Business 
How to Cope with a Disorganized Boss

Industry Week
Ford’s Alan Mulally and the Superpower of Connection

Connect to Engage
Wholesale Connections

ChangeThis Manifestos
Connection Culture: A New Source of Competitive Advantage
Connect and Thrive: Create a Connection Culture to Win at Work (and Life)
How Having a Culture of Connection Can Impact Your Customer Experience
Why Successful Leadership Depends on Connections
Saving Corporations from De-Humanization
What You Don’t Know About Building a Connection Culture is Hurting Your Business

3 Ways to Identify a Connection Culture
Vision, Value and Voice: The Real Magnet of Team Success

Psychology Today
4 Character Strengths Sustain U2’s Success

Financial Times
Review: Connection Culture by Michael Lee Stallard

The Public Manager 
Great Leaders Connect with the People They Lead

Center for Creative Leadership
Connection Culture is a Differentiator

How to Cope With Criticism 

Amazon Shorts selected essay 
Alone No Longer

Rotman (Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto):
Questions for Michael Lee Stallard

Leadership Excellence
Overcoming Leadership Myopia
Great Leaders Connect
Connection Cultures

Becker’s Hospital Review 
3 Practices to Protect Your People from Toxic Stress and Burnout
Creating a Life-Giving Connection Culture in Health Care

Developing HR Strategy (UK)
The Force of Connection: Boost Employee Engagement, Productivity and Innovation

The Economic Times (India)
Why Connecting People Matters
Has SAS Chairman Jim Goodnight Cracked the Code of Corporate Culture?
Pixar’s Remarkable Culture
Why the Rock Band U2 Has Been So Successful
The Leadership Style of Warren Buffett
Six Universal Human Needs to Thrive

Recommended Reading and Book Summary: Connection Culture
Your Level of Social Connection Affects Your Longevity

Los Angeles Times
‘Connection Culture’ Says When Workers Thrive, Companies Do Too

Small Business Trends
Looking for Competitive Advantage? Read Connection Culture

Investors Business Daily
Connected Workers Pull Together

Talent Management 
Guest Editorial: The Science of Engagement

Shukan Diayamondo (Japan) 
World Voice Interview: Michael Lee Stallard (English translation)

Encouraging Knowledge Flow

Gannett Newspapers
When Times Are Tough, How Do You Keep Workers Focused and Engaged?

Addiction and Behavioral Health Business Journal 
Creating a Life-Giving Work Environment in Health Care Organizations

American Management Association:
Creating a Culture That Connects from the AMA Quarterly – Summer 2015
The Storm Ahead from MWorld:The Journal of the American Management Association

The New York Times  
To Showcase Your Skills, Seize the Initiative

The Wall Street Journal
Ok, Partner, We Better Sign a Prenup Before You tie the Knot
Quest for Innovation, Motivation Inspires the Gurus

The Human Factor (India) 
Improving CEO Selection

Engagement Strategies 
Do Leaders Need to Make Employees Happy?

Costco Connection
Building a Culture of Connection SmartByte Video Clips
Relationship Excellence and Performance
Praise and Criticism
Engaging Employees in Difficult Times
Leadership and Imbalance



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