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Michael is a thought leader, author, speaker and leading expert on how effective leaders boost human connection in cultures to improve the health and performance of individuals and organizations.

In his keynote speeches, half-day, one-day and two-day interactive training sessions and workshops, he teach participants about leadership, teamwork, productivity, innovation and employee engagement based on the proprietary Connection Culture model. Although all sessions are participative, the one-day and two-day sessions are highly participative. Managers always take away specific actions they can use to increase connection in their organizations.

The title, description and list of what participants will learn are set forth below:

Title: Connection Culture: A Proven Path to Boost Employee Engagement, Productivity and Innovation

Description: In today’s hyper-competitive environment, change and complexity are accelerating. Together they threaten to overwhelm many managers. To achieve sustainable superior performance, leaders of organizations must intentionally create a workplace culture that helps people thrive by inspiring them to give their best efforts, share their knowledge and align their behavior with organizational goals. Few leaders do this well as Gallup research has clearly shown over the last decade in most organizations 70 percent of employees are not engaged and performing anywhere near their potential.

During the “Connection Culture” workshop, Michael Stallard, cofounder and president of Connection Culture Group, helps your managers learn how to develop a “Connection Culture” that boosts employee engagement, strategic alignment, productivity, innovation and overall organizational performance. Through case studies, relevant research, small group discussions/ exercises and best practice tools, Stallard will equip your leaders to make connection a performance and competitive advantage. Employees in an organization with a high degree of connection are more productive, more engaged, more collaborative and cooperative, and less likely to leave. They also benefit from experiencing greater wellness and wellbeing.

What Participants Learn:

  • A practical vocabulary of culture in the context of the workplace;
  • 3 types of workplace cultures;
  • How our brain, nervous and endocrine systems work best in certain workplace cultures;
  • 6 universal human needs to thrive at work;
  • 5 distinct ways connection boosts the performance of organizations and provides a competitive advantage;
  • How Connection Culture strengthens an organization’s marketplace of ideas and fuels innovation;
  • How Connection Culture advances diversity and inclusion;
  • How Connection Culture protects an organization’s reputation and brand value;
  • The simple, memorable and actionable 3V Leadership Model; and
  • Best practices to create and maintain a Connection Culture.


Video of Michael’s keynote speech to 1,400 managers at Costco’s International Managers’ Conference. Michael’s presentation begins at 5:59 following a video about Connection Culture produced by Costco.

Here are links to a sampling of video clips Michael filmed for Athenaonline.com where he is an expert on employee engagement:
Relationship Excellence and Performance
Vision and Employee Engagement
Best Practice: Knowledge Flow Sessions
Effect of Warren Buffett’s Leadership on Employee Engagement
Teams: The Secret of U2’s Success
Praise and Criticism
How George Washington United the Colonies to Defeat the Greatest Military Power of the Age
Engaging Employees in Difficult Times
Leadership and Imbalance


“People were raving about your keynote speech.  The evaluations from our 200 attendees were through the roof!! These results are the highest we have seen in years and the comments were all positive. Comments (many were duplicated):
‘Excellent Speaker’
‘Deep and thought provoking content’
‘I bought the book and can’t wait to dive in’
‘Outstanding keynote with many key takeaways.’”
President, New Jersey Organization Development Network

“Your evaluations (on a 7-point scale – 7 = excellent, 1 = poor) were
Speaker effectiveness:  6.62
Value of program content:  6.57
‘Loved the entire day – great speaker!’
‘This was fantastic.’
‘It was all really good but the stories and videos were wonderful.’
‘Loved it all!’
‘Best IMS I’ve been to.  Needed something like this.  Bring Michael back!’
‘One of the best IMS sessions I have attended.’
I’d be delighted to serve as a reference for you any time.”
Chairman, Institute for Management Studies, Columbus, Ohio (based on a one-day Connection Culture workshop)

97% of attendees said they gained some key takeaways that they can apply to their respective roles at McKesson.
Director of Talent Management, McKesson Corporation

Excellent presentation! Incredibly entertaining and informative.  Should be required for every leader/manager.
Director, Perioperative Enterprise, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Your workshop was a big success. As a result, our goal is to create a “Connection Culture” that you taught us. We want you to come back to teach us more. I’ve never seen our employees so fired up.
Senior Vice President, Scotiabank

“Your seminar scored 6.5 on a 7 point scale for overall effectiveness and content value. Those are very high scores. Several participants commented that they found … the Connection Culture to be very powerful.”
Director of Program Planning, Institute for Management Studies

“Your leadership of the program was superb. Your points were excellent, energizing, and enthusiastic. Everyone who attended was fully engaged and rated it very highly.
President & CEO, Wharton School Club of DC

“Michael and Jason’s knowledge and passion of the subject matter, Connection Cultures = Vision, Value and Voice made the workshop a complete success at Electric Boat.  There was actionable information presented that we have all taken back to our individual departments at Electric Boat to implement.
Engineering Manager, Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics

“Thank you so very much for a terrific, enlightening presentation. Your examples and anecdotes were fresh and on target. You energized the attendees and gave everyone powerful ideas to consider. I was told by many on the way out and subsequently what a great meeting it was.”
Chair, Marketing Executives Networking Group, Connecticut Chapter

“The evening was truly inspirational. Michael’s ability to connect and engage by providing real life stories and personal experiences spoke volumes in support of the work he has done in creating “connection cultures.”
Chair, Speaker Series, Wharton Club of New York


To book Michael Stallard for a speaking engagement, contact Robin Wolfson of the Robin Wolfson Agency at (201)892-3022 or email her at robin@robinwolfsonagency.com.

For information on consulting, culture assessment or survey services, contact Michael at the address, email or telephone information below.

Michael Stallard
Connection Culture Group
104 Brookside Drive
Greenwich, CT 06831


Michael Lee Stallard’s Bio
Michael Stallard’s Photo
Connection Culture book cover image
Fired Up or Burned Out book cover image

Texas A&M Retailing Summit Day 1-0102


American Management Association
Arkansas Electric
Association of Career Professionals
Association for Talent Development (ATD) International Exposition and Conference
Baylor, Scott & White Health
Center for Professional Development, Boy Scouts of the USA
Center for Creative Leadership
Chicago Area Healthcare Recruiters
The Conference Board
Connected Church Conference
Costco Annual Managers’ Conference
Dignity Health
Eleanor Roosevelt Center
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Foote, Cone & Belding
Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement (Department of Integrated Marketing Communications, Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University)
General Dynamics
General Electric
Greenwich (CT) High School
Harvard Business and Wharton Alumni Associations
Human Capital Institute
Illinois State University
Innovation Forum
Institute for Management Studies, (various locations in the U.S. and Europe)
Internal Revenue Service
The Integer Group
Johnson & Johnson
Lockheed Martin
Marketing Executives Network Group
M.D. Anderson Cancer Center
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
New Canaan Society
New Jersey Organizational Development Learning Community
New York University, Stern School of Business
Northwestern Medicine
Organizational Development Network (ODN)
Prestonwood Christian Academy
Recognition Professionals International Annual Conference
Remedy Healthcare Media
Rotman School of Business, University of Toronto
Society of Fellows and Friends
Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM)
Texas A&M Retail Summit
Texas Christian University (TCU)
Treasury Executive Institute
Turner Construction Company
University of Virginia Darden School of Business
U.S. Air Force
U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
U.S. Treasury Department
Wachovia Securities
Yale-New Haven Health
Young Presidents Organization (YPO)

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