US Navy and U2: What Connection?

The US Navy and U2 in the same article! Huh?

That’s right.  It’s true. Check it out for yourself.

The Leader to Leader Institute just posted an article on its website that Jason Pankau and I wrote for the Summer edition of the Leader to Leader Journal. The article features the stories of the US Navy’s former Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) Admiral Vern Clark, and Bono, the lead singer of the rock band U2.  The article is about the topic of connecting with “core employees” to boost strategic alignment, employee engagement, productivity and innovation.  Here is a link to the article entitled “To Boost Performance, Connect with the Core.”

The Leader to Leader Institute was founded by the late Peter Drucker and is headed by Frances Hesselbein, two individuals whom Jason and I respect and admire for their competence, character and positive contributions to society.  The Institute was formed to promote strong leadership in the social sector. Jason and I support the Institute’s work by sharing our work and ideas related to Connection Cultures.  Recently the Institute added Jason and I to its Thought Leaders Gateway and last week I filmed a video interview for the Leader to Leader Institute’s Leadership Dialogues website.  The interview was about the importance of connection to human beings and how many leaders sabotage themselves by not investing time to connect with other human beings.  The interview was conducted by another thought leader whose work we admire, Mark Thompson.

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