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Share your thoughts with journalist William J. Holstein on his BNet Blog

William J. Holstein, the well-respected business journalist who writes for The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week and other publications, described my new ebook on connection this way: ”For those of us who write about business, every once in a while, a book or an article comes along that seems so simple on some levels yet communicates great wisdom. “The Connection Culture: A New Source of Competitive Advantage” is one such work.”  

On his blog, Holstein invites readers of The Connection Culture to share their thoughts. Would you consider sharing your reaction by posting a comment on Holstein’s BNet blog entitled “
The Corner Office?”

WCBS-AM New York City interview on the “Lonely Leader”

Earlier this week I spoke with Pat Farnack, WCBS New York City news radio’s daytime host, about how Eliot Spitzer appears to fit the profile of the lonely leader. Since the interview, several other political leaders around the world have confessed to extramarital sexual encounters including Spitzer’s successor.  Listen to this interview to find out what is often the root cause of this behavior and how it affects employee engagement when it comes to leaders.  Here is a link to the lonely leader interview.

Make every employee a part of your team


GUEST: Michael Stallard

TOPIC: What are you doing to make sure your employees are engaged? Michael Stallard joins Jim to talk about how to make our team members feel that they actually have an important stake in the direction of the business.

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Spitzer’s Self-Sabotage…Why?

When I first heard about New York Governor Eliot Spitzer’s alleged involvement with prostitutes, I wasn’t surprised. I’m not condoning Spitzer’s behavior but there is more to the story that you’ll rarely see in the press. Let me explain why certain leaders resort to this brand of reckless and self-defeating behavior. Read more »

Free EBook at has posted my new downloadable, free EBook entitled The Connection Culture: A New Source of Competitive Advantage.  For all of those individuals you know who don’t have time to read Fired Up or Burned Out or who want to investigate further before purchasing a copy, this is a perfect introduction to the ideas of E Pluribus Partners including why we need to create Connection Cultures. Help us spread the word by forwarding a copy to everyone you know who needs to read it. features Fired Up or Burned Out in March

image001-12.gif selected Fired Up or Burned Out as its featured book summary for March. is an organization that provides nonprofit executives and their board members from the business sector a one-stop source for news, articles, and recommended published works.  The book summary includes nonprofit applications and interpretations.  Nonprofit executives will get fast information about how the book is applicable to the nonprofit world and why they should buy it, as well as an author interview.   After readers have screened the summary for its relevance in their respective professional stations, they can click on a link to purchase it.

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