Young Entrepreneurs Find a Powerful Advantage by Encouraging Human Connection

Article Published by Entrepreneur

Craftwork Coffee Co. Location on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, Texas

Workplaces are full of disconnected people. There are still far too many leaders who, consciously or unconsciously, allow cultures of control or indifference that are disengaging and stressful for those under them.

Despite continued low levels of employee engagement around the world, I have hope that workplace cultures can be turned around. Recently, I have been encouraged by conversations with several young entrepreneurs who are tapping into the power of human connection and creating ways to bring people together. They’ve identified market segments that could benefit from better connection and crafted a customer experience using products and services to meet that need.

I shared these young innovators’ stories in an article published by Entrepreneur. I hope these stories inspire you to find ways to encourage connection in your own workplaces and communities.

Image: A Craftwork Coffee Co. location on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth, Texas. Craftwork combines coffee shops and workspaces to foster connection. 

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