Connect by Negotiating With the Right Mindset

Disengaged employees explaining employee engagement to their boss

#30 Negotiate With a Mindset to Solve Problems Rather Than to Win

You can build connections with people during negotiations if you adopt and maintain the right mindset. Thinking of the people you are negotiating with as competitors leads to disconnection and distrust. Instead, think of them as holding knowledge that you need to unearth in order to identify an optimal solution that is a win-win for everyone involved. This requires probing, patience and perseverance to understand other people’s objectives, perceptions and sensitivities.

This is the thirtieth post in our series entitled “100 Ways to Connect.” The series highlights language, attitudes and behaviors that help you connect with others. Although the language, attitudes and behaviors focus on application in the workplace, you will see that they also apply to your relationships at home and in the community.

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