Leadership Is Dead: How Influence Is Reviving It

Kubicek Book CoverIn Leadership Is Dead: How Influence Is Reviving It, Jeremie Kubicek, CEO of the leader development company GiANT Impact, makes a clear and compelling case that “dominating leaders” who lead by coercion are on the decline and are being replaced by “liberating leaders” who lead through influence.

Kubicek observes that leadership has moved from a noun to a verb.  It has become a means or vehicle for appropriate change rather than a goal or end in itself (i.e. to become the leader who exerts power over others).  Peggy Noonan, President Ronald Reagan’s speechwriter, once stated it this way: “Poor leaders want to be great. Great leaders want to do something great.” Kubicek points out that for leaders to successfully make this shift, competence is required to get the job done well and character is required to build strong relationships based on mutual trust.  People are much more likely to give their best efforts when following a liberator than a dominator because this type of leader helps the people he or she leads and, in doing so, develops a bond of connection.

I highly recommend this book.  In addition to making a valuable contribution to leadership thinking, the stories and examples make it a page-turner. You’ll experience the thrill of reading about Kubicek’s narrow escape from intimidating Russian mobsters while working as a young entrepreneur in Moscow, and his harrowing and heartwarming account of coming back to life following a car accident in Cancun that left him momentarily lifeless.   Also, be sure not to miss the material in the appendix that includes a fascinating description of Chick-fil-A’s “Live. Love. Lead.” program, an inspiring endeavor to be a positive influence in the lives of its customers.

Kubicek’s company, GiANT Impact, has as its mission “to impact the leadership culture of America.”   Leadership Is Dead certainly contributes to that end and more.  The timing of this book could not be better as today’s news headlines recount more people around the world rising up to challenge dominating leaders and illegitimate governments in hopes of replacing them with the type of leader Kubicek describes.

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