Serving a Cause Greater than Self


Recently when Jason Pankau and I spoke at an internal meeting of the ITA Group, we learned that one afternoon their employees split up into teams and went out  into their community to serve non-profit organizations.  One group of employees went to help a food pantry, others went to serve the Boys and Girls Club, etc.  Some teams painted walls or performed other much maintenance-type projects while others just spent time with children or adults who longed to connect.

By doing this, ITA Group employees were serving a cause greater than self.  They were exercising compassion, kindness, empathy and other emotional muscles of the heart that make them better connectors and will help them develop a Connection Culture. I’m encouraged to see that more companies are doing these types of service projects.

Later this week at the United Nations, several organizations are gathering to talk about serving a cause greater than self.  The conference is organized by the Foundation for Social Change, a group that is lead by super connector Louise Guido.  I encourage you to learn more about the Foundation and its conference entitled “Global Conference for Social Change: How Profitability Can Change the World.”  In addition to the many fine organizations participating at this conference, there are certain to be a lot of movers and shakers, including this year’s honorees, Sir Richard Branson and Shakira.

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