Life-Giving Cultures in Health Care Organizations

You can’t give what you don’t have. That’s why cultures in health care organizations need to be life-giving in order to energize health care workers who give so much of themselves to their patients. This is an important issue today.  In some health care-related fields, as many as one-third of employees leave their jobs each year. What can be done?  To learn more, read the article I wrote for the Fall 2012 Addiction and Behavioral Health Business Journal entitled, “Connection Culture: Creating a Life-Giving Environment in Health Care Organizations.”

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One thought on “Life-Giving Cultures in Health Care Organizations

  1. Michael, well said. It is true that leaders also can’t give what they don’t have and that’s why learning and studying success in a wide variety of fields is so important. And I love what you say about a life-giving healthy organization. Visiting someone in a hospital recently showed me what happens when you get that wrong.