Free Download: Best-Selling Book on Leadership, Employee Engagement

For those of you on today’s webinar and readers of the articles Jason Pankau and I write for, here is a link to sign up for our email newsletter and receive a free digital version of our book Fired Up or Burned Out. (Note: To save it on your computer you will need to click on your browser’s “file” and “save as” menu options.)

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3 thoughts on “Free Download: Best-Selling Book on Leadership, Employee Engagement

  1. Cristin and Mohammed,

    You’re welcome. Pass it on to anyone who might benefit and please be sure to also check out the articles, podcasts, videos on the “hire to speak” and “press kit” tabs. I also recommend you take a look at the free e-book. It’s a popular introduction to the Connection Culture framework and has been downloaded now more than 10,000 times.

    Finally, if you’re aware of leaders or practices around the world that increase connection, I would be grateful to hear from you about them.

    Best wishes and warmest regards,