Connect With Your Body Language

Happy man and woman at work

#67: Connect with Your Body Language

When interacting with others, be sure that your body language is connecting with them by being still, making eye contact while looking away at times so as not to glare or communicate too much intensity, relaxing your facial muscles, uncrossing your arms and leaning slightly forward.

If speaking with someone through a video call, the same principles apply. Stay focused on the person you are speaking with and avoid multitasking or getting distracted by notifications that pop up on your screen. It’s easy to tell when someone is no longer looking directly at the camera and has become distracted by other things.

This is the sixty-seventh post in our series entitled “100 Ways to Connect.” The series highlights language, attitudes and behaviors that help you connect with others. Although the language, attitudes and behaviors focus on application in the workplace, you will see that they also apply to your relationships at home and in the community.

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