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OneRepublic's Hit "Connection"

My favorite song right now is OneRepublic’s “Connection.” Check out the video above which was filmed in New York City at the Oculus near the World Trade Center Memorial. The Oculus was built by Turner Construction, an organization where we have done some work.

I like the music and lyrics of “Connection.”

These days my waves get lost in the oceans
Seven billion swimmers, man I’m going through the motions
Sent up a flare, I need love and devotion
Traded for some faces that I never know, notion
Maybe I should try to find the old me
Take me to the places and the people that know me
Tryin’ to disconnect, thinking maybe you could show me
If there’s so many people here, then why am I so lonely?
Can I get a connection?
Can I get, can I get a connection?
Can I get a connection?
Can I get, can I get a connection?

Songwriters: Brent Michael Kutzle / Jacob Kasher Hindlin / Noel Patrick Zancanella / Ryan B. Tedder / Zachary Skelton

Connection lyrics © Downtown Music Publishing

OneRepublic’s song captures the pain of loneliness and longing for connection that so many people are experiencing today, as well as the joy that comes from connecting. Notice the use of black and white versus color and how the people in the crowd look down at their hands extended in front of them as if they are habitually stuck in that position. The dancer is extraordinary in her interpretation of a soul longing to break out and break through to others who are lost in a drone state of loneliness. The portrayal of human connection as joyful dancing is especially wonderful.

Congratulations to OneRepublic for this beautiful, thoughtful and creative contribution.

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